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Earlier one used wake up to news about what celebrations are going on across the globe, or cheering for olympics. Nowadays, we wake up to terror attack news. It's really an unfortunate situation which makes me want to never watch the news. They say pictures speak a thousand words, was never able to totally appreciate that earlier, until now, where pictures of innocent people wounded or crying children who have lost their loved ones or even the scenes from the attacks makes me feel like I could have been there or been one of them. It breaks my heart and makes me lose hope.
Makes me question, "why? What did you achieve? Who is benefitting from this massacre? ".
Looking at these attacks worldwide make me feel are we in a safe world anymore? Do we have hope that our children have a beautiful world to enjoy as much as we did without fear, hatred, and stress?

I want to believe "Yes, there is still hope". I want my children to not know fear of terrorism or hatred. I want to show them that even though there are terror attacks, it does not mean that people are not nice. It does not mean that we can't trust. It does not mean that there is no love and hope. I am sure all of you reading also feel like there has to be an end to these brutal and nonsensical attacks. These are my thoughts to share with you all.

What are your thoughts my friends? Do you believe there still exists a beautiful place for all of us and future generations?

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