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This story is about the most overrated " hospital bag". I discussed it endlessly  (with a friend who I exchanged notes with JK) in every conversation or email. Somehow it is ingrained in our already messed- up head (due to the hormones - I am clarifying that because I know what you are thinking) that you had to have the "bag" ready when you go into labor.
So for those who have no idea what this "infamous bag" contains here is the list:
For "new mommy"
  • A nightgown or big shirt to wear during labor (although a hospital gown is provided and trust me they are not fancy)
  • Socks  (wonder why we needed this, because I was so hot even in December)
  • Slippers (just in case you want to flee the labor room)
  • Soap, Shampoo, Hairbrush, Toothbrush and toothpaste (all provided by hospital too, just saying)
  • Any other toiletries, cosmetics or hairstyling equipment you want (seriously cosmetics and hairstyling products/equipment!? who made this list)
  • Phone numbers for people you want to call (yeah just in case might want to chit-chat in between labor and delivery..*rolling eyes*)
  • Clothes to wear home  when returning home (be sure they are loose fitting- oh yeah, this is so true because even after you have delivered, you still come out looking like you are 5-6 months pregnant...)
For your "baby" 
  • A receiving blanket (to restrain them from being too excited as they are in the open world now)
  • Clothes to wear home, including an undershirt, cap and socks (dress them to impress)
  • Disposable diapers (most hospitals provide these, again seriously not many people use "green" diapers in the beginning itself or do they?!)
  • A warm blanket if it's cold outside ( we had one and did use it for lil hero, but he kicked it off as quickly as we had put it on him :o)
Now all or atleast some of these things were useful..don't get me wrong, but again, not until the last day when we were ready to leave the hospital. So stop freaking  the pregnant women out with having to prepare this "over-rated hospital bag"...I am so sure you will not miss this "HOSPITAL BAG" during labor....
P.S. I did not have my bag ready and rushed to put all of the above stuff  last minute :D
2/28/2013 04:24:53

Well, honestly don't feel it is over rated. I was glad I had a lot of things done before the dreaded day. Considering I was in labor for two full days didn't really have time to do last minute things, on the well last minute .. hahaha...

But yeah, it's nothing that can't be taken care of last minute either. In my house, I did all the shopping and packing and hubby was busy running around/exhausted and mom in law was pretty much new to everything in our house so it was great that I was well prepared and didn't have to guide my hubby to get this or that. Coz he would have had a hard time finding anything anyway .. :p


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