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Driving to work is something I enjoy only because I  get to do this with my two favorite men. So after I drop them off and drive to work the final destination, unknowingly have the spirit of a Boston cab driver take over (JK).  Although, I should say I think this is true for 90 % of the drivers on the road. 
So recently while I was driving, I usually maintain a safe distance from the cars in front of me (as I believe in personal space), but unfortunately not everyone does,  for example : a white Lexus RX 350 just swooped  in between me and the car ahead of me. Now I would usually be "okay" when I drove my Honda civic , only because bigger cars intimidate the smaller car drivers (its true).  But, now with my big CAR (its not that big but I feel really powerful in it) I was pissed..and was at least expecting a hand gesture to say "Thanks" but NOTHING!...
Another example, like this morning a Bus driver flipped a finger at me as he thought he could just cut me and get in the driving lane as he which I really contemplated, about what should my reaction be...At the next red light he was right behind my car (it seemed as though he would kiss my car)...I very casually flipped my finger at (ah what satisfaction) and to my astonishment he acknowledged it hahaha.... with a nice head nod (love Bostonian's).  But then I realized I had the guru of non-violence /peace sitting next to me and he gave me a look  and these thoughts running through his head "really was that necessary, do you have to do exactly what that jerk did" in the end i didn't achieve the complete satisfaction I wanted......

Hence, I thought I write about my experiences and ask you all out there what are your thoughts about driving in an insane city of crazy drivers? What are your experiences like, and whether you would agree with my reactions?
Bring on the crazy answers/discussion....
3/7/2014 01:13:32

I hear you! I am not that an aggressive driver (which surprises me) but the way some people drive, drives me insane! I don't flip people though... not because I don't want to but because I don't think that fast! Let me tell you this: 4-5 months ago, we and a friend of ours were tailgating and heading to the same place. Our friends were following us and in order to stay close he cut a guy off and got right behind us. That offended guy gave chase! And then he pulled up parallel to my friends' car and pulled out a baseball bat and was trying to take a swing at the car! On a highway! In broad daylight with kids in the car, in traffic! That's how much rage people can be driven to. We had to maneuver and stall that guy so he couldn't swing his bat and by the time we called 911, he highlighted it out of the area.
It is terribly scary to engage in aggressive behavior on the road. You never know what crazies have been given a license not only to drive but to wreck havoc. Remember those bikers attacking a family in an SUV in Manhattan? *shudder*
Listen to that rolled-eyed man, is all I am sayin!


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