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We are now in the potty training phase  and this is my recent conversation/interaction with my 2 year old.
Mama: Arjun, do you want to go potty?
Arjun: NO
Mama: Lets go, we can use the big boy potty..
Arjun : NOOO
After few failed attempts with Arjun to potty train, I gave up and we carried on with our daily stuff.
Later, when we were playing this is how the conversation unfolds:
Mama: Arjun, mama will be right back
Arjun: Where going?
Mama: I have to pee
Arjun so happy and all excited jumps up from his seat and holds my hand and runs...
Mama: Arjun, where are we going?
Arjun: Mama sit big potty...

At that point I wasn't sure about "who is potty training whom" ..

3/19/2013 06:05:24

Hahahaha! He is adorable!

I hope you do your potty right!

3/19/2013 10:46:52

LOL thats funny...he sure is excited for you to go potty.

3/22/2013 01:03:57

hahahha, i sure am trying ;)

3/24/2013 00:46:21

Thats funny! Im sure he keeps you entertained all day long.


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