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Oh it's a been such a long time since I have written anything and today it just feels right to connect with everyone again. The past two years have been awesome and couldn't have asked for anything different.

This post is very special to me. I say this because the "event" I am going to share about has brought back a burst of free spirit and a sense of being an active parent. Now before you start over thinking let me explain- I always have been very much present for my kids and would ensure they are always cared for in every aspect of life. However, in the grand scheme of life, I had completely forgotten about myself and how to be an example for my kids to learn from me doing doing things in my daily life for myself.

It all hit me when I attended an event, which was a fun experience and something caught my attention in a way that it made me "want" to do similar things. That was it, i craved that feeling so much that i wanted to do something "now". I followed my heart and after talking to the right people (organizers to be specific) the want to do this was even more.

So what was this event you ask? I was going to participate in a pageant called "Miss India NewEngland - Mrs category". The thought of being a part of this was AMAZING. In preparation for this pageant we were asked to prepare for a talent round (which was subject to change depending on participation). The biggest challenge was what should I prepare for this round? Dance: this is my first choice and started practicing every evening where my older kid would watch me and practice with me and it became a family affair.

Then I decided I will showcase another talent (which not many people know about as I am so shy about it) Singing. I chose this option, as I wanted to take a chance and be this person who has always played safe for the past few years. And I should say, singing was so much fun, as my kids crooned with me whenever possible and till date my husband says because of the Pageant he was happy to hear me sing finally, hahahha.

After several practice sessions (where I met talented women with diverse backgrounds and who in turn became good friends), the day of the Pageant arrived. This day all the contestants looked extra gorgeous and I should say I was amazed at how I looked. Make up was done so beautifully to make me look flawless, and the gown made me look and feel like a princess. Walking down the ramp and hearing my family and friends cheering for me made me smile even more broadly. And my biggest cheerleaders were my boys (especially K for cooperating and being a cheerful 10 month old throughout the pageant).
The reason I did this event was because it helped me break out of shell of mommy hood. After participating in this pageant I felt I taught my boys a valuable lesson in life, that no matter what age or phase of life, if you feel like doing something you should always take a chance. There is nothing out there that cannot be achieved if you set your mind and heart towards it and make it your goal.

My happiness moment is being a role model for my kids by participating in events ☺️
Just wanted to share a pic or two 😊

Looking forward to hearing stories from you all to add to the happiness chain reaction:)
3/2/2016 13:49:58

Lovely article Rima. What an inspiration as well!


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