always with a cup of coffee....yummy
Arjun: Mama read Passengers
Mama (all confused): passengers?!
Arjun: Yes, read passengers, pointing at book
Mama: AHA! you mean AVENGERS !
Arjun: Yes, Passengers
In his World Avengers are Passengers :D

Mama: Arjun what a mess you created here....
Arjun: Yes, I know
Mama (now getting upset): You have to clean all this before you move on to the next activity..
Arjun : NO (smiley face)
Mama ( now a little more angry):  We have to learn to clean up after our activity or playtime
Arjun: I know that
Mama (now giving up and speaks to herself): I always have to clean up after you..
Arjun (listening to me ramble on and on): "IT HAPPENS" mama, You can do it!

Mama: Arjun its time to go brush your teeth and change your clothes
Arjun: OK (takes off to the bathroom and brushes his teeth)
Mama after helping him change into his night clothes, tries to tuck him into bed.....and the ritual begins...
Arjun: No mama, I can't sleep
Mama: Yes, you can you are a big boy now
Arjun: But I miss you
Mama: I will come later after I finish my work 
Arjun (now crying for sympathy) : I can't sleep, and I am hungry 
Mama: Arjun if you sleep all by your self, when you wake up in the morning you will have super powers and will soon be strong as an "AVENGER"
Arjun, wiping his fake tears is now very intrigued, and starts to fall for my story
Mama: so will you be able to sleep ?
Arjun: Yes mama, I am a big boy (smiles and falls asleep)
Works like magic every time! ,making mama very HAPPY :)
Note: He has never asked me in the morning where are his super powers ;)

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