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This is provided in hospitals as a tool to remove boogers
This is the new generation tool we found to remove boogers

Boogers/stuffy noses/leaky noses can be annoying for any of us, and just imagining what it makes a tiny human being feel is tough to explain. We tried the hospital provided tool on Arjun, but it would never work...(i guess his nose was too
Jokes apart, but he seemed miserable and we had to think of other ways to relieve him of a stuffy nose, and so we tried the recommended options like stand in a bathroom full of steam, or increase the humidifier say it and we have tried it...but it still did no magic.

Until one day, we just were surfing online for other ways to help him breathe easy..and behold we found the "snort sucker". It sounded so weird that we had to click on that link to read more (I know we can be gross) but all for a good reason :)
We did as brave and concerned parents (more for my curiosity) order this tool. And we have never seen the  little guy happier after using the snort sucker

P.S.: Our family members almost gagged when they saw us use this tool, and we successfully manged to get them to think we are gross :)

3/11/2013 00:21:56

Wow. Haven't seen this one and I've been removing nosey since two years now lolzzz grandparents an family are appalled till they see the relief it brings :)

Rima Patel
3/21/2013 03:39:50

so true but this really have to try it to believe it

3/11/2013 00:54:33

I saw this at Shop Rite and jumped at it. And you are right - it works well once you have your gag reflex under control!

The hospital one works wonders for us too!

3/19/2013 11:26:22

Ooo this works? I have been using the hospital does help but not very effective though. I can hear it stuffed but no amount of saline solution or using the nose sucker clears it out.


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