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I am a mom of a little over two year toddler and it sure is a lot of work...but all in all very rewarding when you get a hug out of nowhere or shy smile or a kiss..(alright I bet you get the picture ...).
This story is from when my  lil one was 15 months old ( its like sometime back now) started saying a few partner-in-crime and I were thrilled and so joyous..(the excitement on our faces was like we just won a lottery..) but it sure was fun.
So as days passed and our lil guy was learning to say animal names........... he turns to me one day and says " MAMA COW"... and me being all dramatic about it (which is like 99% of the time) stared at him and said "what?" to which his innocent face (all confused) says it again "MAMA COW"...I was excited that he knew an animal's name but weirded  out at the same time that he said I am a cow...
Later when I got to think of it..I was like he got that so right.
So hell yeah I was a MOW !..way to go my kid :D
2/26/2013 11:42:19

Hahahaha... I still am laughing over this! He is adorable!

I love your blog already!

2/26/2013 13:13:01

Hahaha... Yeah u are ;-))


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