always with a cup of coffee....yummy

Arjun and his dad  were reading a book and then Arjun wanted to play, when this conversation took place:

Arjun: Papa be elephant
Papa: No papa tired
Arjun (now screaming): Papa be elephant
Papa:  Okay, lets play
Arjun : Papa sit like Elephant
Papa: This elephant is wild, it needs to be tamed
Arjun without thinking much, smacks his dad's back and says " Elephant ready"
Papa (I guess scared to be smacked again, quickly answers): Yes
Arjun quickly runs and sits on the elephant (papa)  and takes a royal ride till his hearts content -the smile on his face was precious :)

I so enjoyed this conversation and visual, but also learned that Arjun might not be ready for a pet, especially if it has to be trained....
4/13/2013 08:29:46

So cute


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