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Every Friday is a big day for our lil man as he has a train ride with his papa to go to the cookie shop for a "cookie", and let me make it clear its not just any any cookie, it has to be a "m&m cookie".
One Friday, I decided that I would take him to get the cookie as I wanted to share the joyous look on his face when he gets that cookie. Every time he went with his dad he always came back smiling and happy that he got his favorite "m&m cookie".  The one time I take him to get his cookie, the store has none. Therefore, I tried to convince him to get the chocolate chip cookie, as I could envision a toddler melt-down coming soon. So here how the conversation went between the two of us:
MAMA: Arjun, they don't have "m&m cookie" today, but look they have a chocolate chip cookie :)
Arjun: NO, I want  "m&m cookie"
MAMA: Chocolate chip cookie is so tasty too (still smiling)
ArjunNO, I want  "m&m cookie" (now getting irritated)
MAMA (now struggling to convince him) : We should try all cookies arjun :)
ArjunNO, I want  "m&m cookie" (very upset now)
MAMA (moment to shine): Arjun do you know that chocolate chip cookie is the same as "m&m cookie", only without its clothes :)
Arjun (very confused, but interested): Why mama, where are the clothes?
MAMA (scrambling to answer): When you put the cookies in the oven to bake, sometimes it gets too hot, so the chocolate takes of its clothes and therefore, we can only see chocolate pieces (big smile on my face to make him believe me)
Arjun (now totally believes me, but still had his concerns) : So where are the clothes I can't see them?
MAMA: The baker cleaned it as it made a mess on the floor ! 
Arjun: OK, lets eat the chocolate chip cookie (all happy and smiley)
MAMA (phew, that was a close call, but totally scored that)

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