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Earlier one used wake up to news about what celebrations are going on across the globe, or cheering for olympics. Nowadays, we wake up to terror attack news. It's really an unfortunate situation which makes me want to never watch the news. They say pictures speak a thousand words, was never able to totally appreciate that earlier, until now, where pictures of innocent people wounded or crying children who have lost their loved ones or even the scenes from the attacks makes me feel like I could have been there or been one of them. It breaks my heart and makes me lose hope.
Makes me question, "why? What did you achieve? Who is benefitting from this massacre? ".
Looking at these attacks worldwide make me feel are we in a safe world anymore? Do we have hope that our children have a beautiful world to enjoy as much as we did without fear, hatred, and stress?

I want to believe "Yes, there is still hope". I want my children to not know fear of terrorism or hatred. I want to show them that even though there are terror attacks, it does not mean that people are not nice. It does not mean that we can't trust. It does not mean that there is no love and hope. I am sure all of you reading also feel like there has to be an end to these brutal and nonsensical attacks. These are my thoughts to share with you all.

What are your thoughts my friends? Do you believe there still exists a beautiful place for all of us and future generations?


Oh it's a been such a long time since I have written anything and today it just feels right to connect with everyone again. The past two years have been awesome and couldn't have asked for anything different.

This post is very special to me. I say this because the "event" I am going to share about has brought back a burst of free spirit and a sense of being an active parent. Now before you start over thinking let me explain- I always have been very much present for my kids and would ensure they are always cared for in every aspect of life. However, in the grand scheme of life, I had completely forgotten about myself and how to be an example for my kids to learn from me doing doing things in my daily life for myself.

It all hit me when I attended an event, which was a fun experience and something caught my attention in a way that it made me "want" to do similar things. That was it, i craved that feeling so much that i wanted to do something "now". I followed my heart and after talking to the right people (organizers to be specific) the want to do this was even more.

So what was this event you ask? I was going to participate in a pageant called "Miss India NewEngland - Mrs category". The thought of being a part of this was AMAZING. In preparation for this pageant we were asked to prepare for a talent round (which was subject to change depending on participation). The biggest challenge was what should I prepare for this round? Dance: this is my first choice and started practicing every evening where my older kid would watch me and practice with me and it became a family affair.

Then I decided I will showcase another talent (which not many people know about as I am so shy about it) Singing. I chose this option, as I wanted to take a chance and be this person who has always played safe for the past few years. And I should say, singing was so much fun, as my kids crooned with me whenever possible and till date my husband says because of the Pageant he was happy to hear me sing finally, hahahha.

After several practice sessions (where I met talented women with diverse backgrounds and who in turn became good friends), the day of the Pageant arrived. This day all the contestants looked extra gorgeous and I should say I was amazed at how I looked. Make up was done so beautifully to make me look flawless, and the gown made me look and feel like a princess. Walking down the ramp and hearing my family and friends cheering for me made me smile even more broadly. And my biggest cheerleaders were my boys (especially K for cooperating and being a cheerful 10 month old throughout the pageant).
The reason I did this event was because it helped me break out of shell of mommy hood. After participating in this pageant I felt I taught my boys a valuable lesson in life, that no matter what age or phase of life, if you feel like doing something you should always take a chance. There is nothing out there that cannot be achieved if you set your mind and heart towards it and make it your goal.

My happiness moment is being a role model for my kids by participating in events ☺️
Just wanted to share a pic or two 😊

Looking forward to hearing stories from you all to add to the happiness chain reaction:)

Suppose you have planned a lovely dinner date with your significant other at a restaurant which is very fancy and top-notch. You are so excited and want this to be the perfect place to propose :). You go in and are seated and everything feels perfect!
Until, you have a young couple seated next to you and they decided to bring in their baby with them.  After half hour, the baby starts crying and disrupts the peaceful atmosphere for you and your date.  
Your reaction: UPSET AND ANNOYED!
Parents Reaction: SORRY, but this happens!

Now, the parents are trying their best to make the baby quite and to avoid any annoyed glances and upset murmuring from the rest of the people there. They didn't imagine the night would turn this way. They thought lets take the baby along with us, so this way they can spend more time with baby and all of them enjoy the same surroundings and build memories.

The above story is sort of real, (ie the situation is real, few of the characters in the  story are hypothetical)
The reason I write about this, is because recently something like this happened at a very high end restaurant and the Chef of that restaurant tweeted: 
Grant Achatz @Gachatz
Tbl brings 8mo.Old. It cries. Diners mad. Tell ppl no kids? Subject diners 2crying? Ppl take infants 2 plays? Concerts? Hate saying no,but..

After this tweet many followers wrote back supporting the chef, while few didn't agree with this tweet. 
I want to know, would you agree with this tweet and feel like the parents made a mistake taking their baby to this fancy restaurant, or these type of "so called rules" are not fair for parents to enjoy the same fancy restaurant as they have a baby now?

What to do you feel...should there be clear rules for fancy restaurants that publicize "NO KIDS ALLOWED"?

Every Friday is a big day for our lil man as he has a train ride with his papa to go to the cookie shop for a "cookie", and let me make it clear its not just any any cookie, it has to be a "m&m cookie".
One Friday, I decided that I would take him to get the cookie as I wanted to share the joyous look on his face when he gets that cookie. Every time he went with his dad he always came back smiling and happy that he got his favorite "m&m cookie".  The one time I take him to get his cookie, the store has none. Therefore, I tried to convince him to get the chocolate chip cookie, as I could envision a toddler melt-down coming soon. So here how the conversation went between the two of us:
MAMA: Arjun, they don't have "m&m cookie" today, but look they have a chocolate chip cookie :)
Arjun: NO, I want  "m&m cookie"
MAMA: Chocolate chip cookie is so tasty too (still smiling)
ArjunNO, I want  "m&m cookie" (now getting irritated)
MAMA (now struggling to convince him) : We should try all cookies arjun :)
ArjunNO, I want  "m&m cookie" (very upset now)
MAMA (moment to shine): Arjun do you know that chocolate chip cookie is the same as "m&m cookie", only without its clothes :)
Arjun (very confused, but interested): Why mama, where are the clothes?
MAMA (scrambling to answer): When you put the cookies in the oven to bake, sometimes it gets too hot, so the chocolate takes of its clothes and therefore, we can only see chocolate pieces (big smile on my face to make him believe me)
Arjun (now totally believes me, but still had his concerns) : So where are the clothes I can't see them?
MAMA: The baker cleaned it as it made a mess on the floor ! 
Arjun: OK, lets eat the chocolate chip cookie (all happy and smiley)
MAMA (phew, that was a close call, but totally scored that)
Driving to work is something I enjoy only because I  get to do this with my two favorite men. So after I drop them off and drive to work the final destination, unknowingly have the spirit of a Boston cab driver take over (JK).  Although, I should say I think this is true for 90 % of the drivers on the road. 
So recently while I was driving, I usually maintain a safe distance from the cars in front of me (as I believe in personal space), but unfortunately not everyone does,  for example : a white Lexus RX 350 just swooped  in between me and the car ahead of me. Now I would usually be "okay" when I drove my Honda civic , only because bigger cars intimidate the smaller car drivers (its true).  But, now with my big CAR (its not that big but I feel really powerful in it) I was pissed..and was at least expecting a hand gesture to say "Thanks" but NOTHING!...
Another example, like this morning a Bus driver flipped a finger at me as he thought he could just cut me and get in the driving lane as he which I really contemplated, about what should my reaction be...At the next red light he was right behind my car (it seemed as though he would kiss my car)...I very casually flipped my finger at (ah what satisfaction) and to my astonishment he acknowledged it hahaha.... with a nice head nod (love Bostonian's).  But then I realized I had the guru of non-violence /peace sitting next to me and he gave me a look  and these thoughts running through his head "really was that necessary, do you have to do exactly what that jerk did" in the end i didn't achieve the complete satisfaction I wanted......

Hence, I thought I write about my experiences and ask you all out there what are your thoughts about driving in an insane city of crazy drivers? What are your experiences like, and whether you would agree with my reactions?
Bring on the crazy answers/discussion....
Arjun: Mama read Passengers
Mama (all confused): passengers?!
Arjun: Yes, read passengers, pointing at book
Mama: AHA! you mean AVENGERS !
Arjun: Yes, Passengers
In his World Avengers are Passengers :D

Mama: Arjun what a mess you created here....
Arjun: Yes, I know
Mama (now getting upset): You have to clean all this before you move on to the next activity..
Arjun : NO (smiley face)
Mama ( now a little more angry):  We have to learn to clean up after our activity or playtime
Arjun: I know that
Mama (now giving up and speaks to herself): I always have to clean up after you..
Arjun (listening to me ramble on and on): "IT HAPPENS" mama, You can do it!

Mama: Arjun its time to go brush your teeth and change your clothes
Arjun: OK (takes off to the bathroom and brushes his teeth)
Mama after helping him change into his night clothes, tries to tuck him into bed.....and the ritual begins...
Arjun: No mama, I can't sleep
Mama: Yes, you can you are a big boy now
Arjun: But I miss you
Mama: I will come later after I finish my work 
Arjun (now crying for sympathy) : I can't sleep, and I am hungry 
Mama: Arjun if you sleep all by your self, when you wake up in the morning you will have super powers and will soon be strong as an "AVENGER"
Arjun, wiping his fake tears is now very intrigued, and starts to fall for my story
Mama: so will you be able to sleep ?
Arjun: Yes mama, I am a big boy (smiles and falls asleep)
Works like magic every time! ,making mama very HAPPY :)
Note: He has never asked me in the morning where are his super powers ;)


Arjun and his dad  were reading a book and then Arjun wanted to play, when this conversation took place:

Arjun: Papa be elephant
Papa: No papa tired
Arjun (now screaming): Papa be elephant
Papa:  Okay, lets play
Arjun : Papa sit like Elephant
Papa: This elephant is wild, it needs to be tamed
Arjun without thinking much, smacks his dad's back and says " Elephant ready"
Papa (I guess scared to be smacked again, quickly answers): Yes
Arjun quickly runs and sits on the elephant (papa)  and takes a royal ride till his hearts content -the smile on his face was precious :)

I so enjoyed this conversation and visual, but also learned that Arjun might not be ready for a pet, especially if it has to be trained....
We are now in the potty training phase  and this is my recent conversation/interaction with my 2 year old.
Mama: Arjun, do you want to go potty?
Arjun: NO
Mama: Lets go, we can use the big boy potty..
Arjun : NOOO
After few failed attempts with Arjun to potty train, I gave up and we carried on with our daily stuff.
Later, when we were playing this is how the conversation unfolds:
Mama: Arjun, mama will be right back
Arjun: Where going?
Mama: I have to pee
Arjun so happy and all excited jumps up from his seat and holds my hand and runs...
Mama: Arjun, where are we going?
Arjun: Mama sit big potty...

At that point I wasn't sure about "who is potty training whom" ..

This is provided in hospitals as a tool to remove boogers
This is the new generation tool we found to remove boogers

Boogers/stuffy noses/leaky noses can be annoying for any of us, and just imagining what it makes a tiny human being feel is tough to explain. We tried the hospital provided tool on Arjun, but it would never work...(i guess his nose was too
Jokes apart, but he seemed miserable and we had to think of other ways to relieve him of a stuffy nose, and so we tried the recommended options like stand in a bathroom full of steam, or increase the humidifier say it and we have tried it...but it still did no magic.

Until one day, we just were surfing online for other ways to help him breathe easy..and behold we found the "snort sucker". It sounded so weird that we had to click on that link to read more (I know we can be gross) but all for a good reason :)
We did as brave and concerned parents (more for my curiosity) order this tool. And we have never seen the  little guy happier after using the snort sucker

P.S.: Our family members almost gagged when they saw us use this tool, and we successfully manged to get them to think we are gross :)

This story is about the most overrated " hospital bag". I discussed it endlessly  (with a friend who I exchanged notes with JK) in every conversation or email. Somehow it is ingrained in our already messed- up head (due to the hormones - I am clarifying that because I know what you are thinking) that you had to have the "bag" ready when you go into labor.
So for those who have no idea what this "infamous bag" contains here is the list:
For "new mommy"
  • A nightgown or big shirt to wear during labor (although a hospital gown is provided and trust me they are not fancy)
  • Socks  (wonder why we needed this, because I was so hot even in December)
  • Slippers (just in case you want to flee the labor room)
  • Soap, Shampoo, Hairbrush, Toothbrush and toothpaste (all provided by hospital too, just saying)
  • Any other toiletries, cosmetics or hairstyling equipment you want (seriously cosmetics and hairstyling products/equipment!? who made this list)
  • Phone numbers for people you want to call (yeah just in case might want to chit-chat in between labor and delivery..*rolling eyes*)
  • Clothes to wear home  when returning home (be sure they are loose fitting- oh yeah, this is so true because even after you have delivered, you still come out looking like you are 5-6 months pregnant...)
For your "baby" 
  • A receiving blanket (to restrain them from being too excited as they are in the open world now)
  • Clothes to wear home, including an undershirt, cap and socks (dress them to impress)
  • Disposable diapers (most hospitals provide these, again seriously not many people use "green" diapers in the beginning itself or do they?!)
  • A warm blanket if it's cold outside ( we had one and did use it for lil hero, but he kicked it off as quickly as we had put it on him :o)
Now all or atleast some of these things were useful..don't get me wrong, but again, not until the last day when we were ready to leave the hospital. So stop freaking  the pregnant women out with having to prepare this "over-rated hospital bag"...I am so sure you will not miss this "HOSPITAL BAG" during labor....
P.S. I did not have my bag ready and rushed to put all of the above stuff  last minute :D
I am a mom of a little over two year toddler and it sure is a lot of work...but all in all very rewarding when you get a hug out of nowhere or shy smile or a kiss..(alright I bet you get the picture ...).
This story is from when my  lil one was 15 months old ( its like sometime back now) started saying a few partner-in-crime and I were thrilled and so joyous..(the excitement on our faces was like we just won a lottery..) but it sure was fun.
So as days passed and our lil guy was learning to say animal names........... he turns to me one day and says " MAMA COW"... and me being all dramatic about it (which is like 99% of the time) stared at him and said "what?" to which his innocent face (all confused) says it again "MAMA COW"...I was excited that he knew an animal's name but weirded  out at the same time that he said I am a cow...
Later when I got to think of it..I was like he got that so right.
So hell yeah I was a MOW !..way to go my kid :D